Jennifer "Jenny" Stidham

Jenny grew up in Hamilton and graduated high school in 2016. Growing up, her dad, who was a K9 officer in the army, taught her how to train their German Shepherd. They did basic obedience training as well as some aggression training. After high school, Jenny attended a semester in college at Birmingham Southern then moved to Charlotte, NC with her family. While living there, she worked for a dog walking company where she walked, boarded and groomed dogs of all sizes and breeds. In 2018, Jenny moved back to Hamilton and it was at that time when she said "my heart for dogs really grew". She took in and rehomed 6 dogs and kept one for herself; her best friend named Riggins, a golden retriever/lab mix. Jenny said her dream is to "see all the animals of Marion County in good, loving homes because that’s what they deserve."

Jenny will be bringing her experience to help dogs in our program learn basic commands and to walk on a leash. It is our hope that in having basic commands in their wheelhouse of knowledge that they will become more appealing to potential adopters and be able to get adopted out into loving homes more quickly.