Hoof or Paw,

a Non-Profit Corporation

Hoof or Paw is a 501 (c)(3) domestic not for profit corporation animal welfare organization located just outside Hamilton, AL city limits in the Pikeville community. HoP was created by Hamilton, AL resident, Calen Weston, to serve Marion County, Alabama and its surrounding areas. HoP is a no kill facility that takes in strays and rescues, then have them vaccinated, spayed/neutered and a good bill of health before attempting to re-home them. In the event we are not able to place them in a home, we have a network of other rescue organizations throughout the state and surrounding areas we work with to transfer our animals to other no-kill rescue organizations located in areas where there is a higher demand for pets to adopt, normally in the northern states.

We also offer reduced cost veterinary service certificates, redeemable at Fulton Veterinary Clinic, that pet owners may purchase with a donation equal to the cost of service they need for their pet. You can find more on this program under the Low Cost Vet Certificates tab. This program was developed to help promote responsible pet ownership and reduce the stray and unwanted animals in our area.

Please see our services tab for a list of our organization's other main objectivities.