Adoption Process

Step 2 – Fill out an adoption application

Step 3 – Wait to hear from us! 

Once we receive your application we will contact you to make arrangements for an appointment. Remember to include any and all animals you're interested in meeting in the application because some of our animals are not onsite and in foster homes and we have to make those considerations when scheduling the appointment.

*Altered = spayed or neutered

Step 4 – Adopt! (remember all adoption/reserve fees are tax deductible as a donation)

Once the adoption has been approved, you sign the Adoption Contract,  pay the adoption fee and take your new friend home for a lifetime of love! Many of our animals are ready to go home same-day, but some may not be for a variety of different reasons. If you choose to adopt an animal that is not yet ready to go home, you may pay a reserve fee to hold that pet for you, the animal will remain in our care until ready to go into your home. The reservation fee is deducted from the total adoption cost due upon adoption, the pre-adoption fee may vary per animal.

If you have a household with children of any age, we require you to acknowledge you've read the below article for teaching your child appropriate interaction methods for their new lifelong friend prior to bringing your new family member home, at a minimum. We require this for everyone's well being and protection because in most cases of dogs needing to be rehomed for children and bites, the situation could have been avoided if the supervising adult recognized the dog's body language and distress signs. Children do not automatically know how to interact with animals, it's up to us as responsible adults to teach them these things, just like anything else they learn.

Please Note: 

Filling out an adoption questionnaire does not guarantee adoption. We reserve the right to deny any adoption if we believe it is in the best interest of the animal.

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