Our goal is to rescue, rehab and rehome, this includes but is not limited to the below items:

1. Rescue animals from situations that are abusive, endangering and/or neglectful

2. Help put a stop to animal abuse and irresponsible breeding and provide foster homes for these animals

3. Provide necessary veterinary care for animal owners that cannot afford it

4. Promote importance of spaying/neutering and assist others with having their animals spayed/neutered referrals to low cost spay/neuter programs

5. Place rescued animals into permanent adoptive homes

If there is something you need but you do not see it in this list please Contact Us and we will see if there is something we can do to help!


The Marion County Commission granted us five (5) acres of land located off US-43 going towards Guin from Hamilton by ST Bunn Asphalt Plant, the address is 390 Co Rd 2, Guin, AL 35663. We have worked with Alabama Buildings for a custom building that will work for now, but be able to add more kennels on to later. The starter kennel we've ordered will have housing for up to 16 dogs (1-2 per kennel) that will have inside access to a cube area to protect them from the elements and also allow outdoor access to a separated run. In addition we will be able to purchase cat kennels for the interior to have at least six (6) of those on the inside in addition to the two (2) outside cat kennels we have already purchased. Please help us get this building we so desperately need by clicking Donate from the main menu. Thank you in advance for your support!