Jami Thrash Black, DVM

Jami Black, DVM, is a Fulton, MS resident and graduate of Mississippi State University's College of Veterinary Medicine. She started with her dad, Dr. James Thrash, as a full time veterinarian at Fulton Veterinary Clinic in 2013. She also serves in the US Army Reserve a a veterinarian, and has 4 years of Active Duty experience. She joined HoP as Attending Veterinarian in 2021 and helps us to make sure the animals in our custody are receiving the medical care and attention they need. She sees most of our sick and injured animals to help develop a treatment plan and helped to develop our healthcare protocol for our shelter animals. HoP loves Dr. Jami and the rest of the staff at Fulton Veterinary Clinic! 

What is an Attending Veterinarian? Find out here on this USDA website link