Spay|Neuter Assistance

I apologize in advance as this is A LOT of information but imperative that you read it ALL and thoroughly to understand how our process works. If we do not follow these processes and procedures the veterinarian's office can choose to discontinue our program because of a disruption to their business operations, so please read it all and just ask us if you have any questions before proceeding, our email is for questions.

How it works:

You purchase a spay/neuter from us, we schedule the appointments and do the paperwork, you are responsible for arranging someone to drop off and pick up your pet from the veterinarian's office the day of the scheduled appointment. We are currently using Ward Veterinarian Services located at 845 N Coley Rd, Tupelo, MS for these procedures and this is where drop off and pick up will be the day of appointment. You will have to provide us with 3 dates that fall on a Thursday when you would be available to take your pet. Pets must arrive 7:30 - 8:30 AM the day of the procedure and be picked up 4-5 PM the day of the procedure so keep that in mind when picking your dates. All payments are due to us at least 3 business days PRIOR to the day of scheduled procedure. We will accept payment plans, just ask. We pay the vet, you do NOT unless there are extra charges that were not accounted for when your appointment was requested.

We schedule at least 3 procedures for the same day to keep our discounted pricing, so unless you have a female that is of reproduction age, your appointment may be delayed to accommodate for this.  

The Vet reserves the right to refuse service to any pet if vet nor staff have been told prior to the day of the appointment of the possibility of complications arising from the A - C below. If your pet has the potential to fall into any one of the below categories, contact us immediately so we can discuss with the vet on how to appropriately handle your pet in particular so we can get their appointment scheduled and handled appropriately and safely. Your payment will not be refunded if you have to reschedule due to failure to notify us of your pet falling into one of the below categories at least 7 business days prior to their appointment date and if you choose to reschedule it will be at your own expense at the veterinarian's regular service rate.

A. Kennel Crazy - If your pet is NOT used to being in a crate or kennel, you need to make your best effort to get them comfortable with this BEFORE the day of their appointment. When they're at the vet's office they'll be in a kennel or crate for holding and they do not need to damage anything or injure themselves or someone else. You must get your pet accustomed to staying in a crate or kennel from now until your appointment date so any foreseeable problems with your pet being kenneled while at the vet's office can be appropriately prepared for. We will not be responsible for any damage or injuries your pet may cause if they are "kennel crazy".  We may have a crate you can borrow if needed, just ask. If they are not comfortable with a crate or kennel at all you may be required to remain with them until they've been sedated but you have to let us know this ahead of time so it can be discussed with the vet for appropriate handling prior to the day of your appointment. 

    B. Unsocialized - If your pet is NOT used to strangers or other people and has ANY possibility to bite for any reason you will need  to contact us immediately so we can discuss with the vet on how to appropriately handle your pet in particular so we can get  their appointment scheduled. You may be required to muzzle them and/or remain with them until they've been sedated.

  C. Illness/Infections - If your pet is exhibiting any signs of sickness (diarrhea, lethargy, vomiting, coughing, wheezing, sneezing, etc.) or has any sort of bacterial or fungal infections on the skin or within the body, they CANNOT be put under anesthesia for the procedure. They will need to be treated, at your own expense unless we've approved financial assistance or payment plan, and clear of their condition before procedure can be re-scheduled. Should you take in a pet exhibiting any of signs of this you will be asked to return to the clinic immediately to pick up your pet and have the appointment rescheduled at your own expense.

Cancellations need to be made at least (3) three days prior to their scheduled procedure.

*Large females (40+ lbs) in heat will not be done until they are out of heat if it's extremely noticeable for the health of the pet so consider this when you're picking your appointment dates and/or notifying us of needing to reschedule your appointment. If you bring your large female to the appointment and she's in heat you will be asked to return to the clinic immediately to retrieve her and appointments will be rescheduled at your own expense at the regular service rate.

DAY/NIGHT BEFORE SCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS: We highly recommend you contain your pet some way the day/night before their appointment, we do have a limited number of crates that can be borrowed if need. You would need to make sure your pet does not have any food after 9 PM the night before their scheduled procedure, water is OK. 

Pricing for procedures is listed below:

Dog Spay - $95.00; Dog Neuter - $90.00; Cat Spay - $90.00; Cat Neuter - $70.00

We also require animals be microchipped at time of their procedure, if they do not already have a microchip, which is an additional $9.00.

The Veterinarian requires a rabies vaccine at time of procedure IF you cannot provide an up to date rabies certificate at the time of procedure. The cost of the Rabies Vaccination is $16.00.

Total Overall Cost of Procedure with RABIES:

Dogs: Spay (Females) $120.00; Neuter (Males) $115.00

Cats: Spay (Females) $115.00; Neuter (Males) $95.00

Total Overall Cost of Procedure with PROOF OF CURRENT RABIES:

Dogs: Spay (Females) $104.00; Neuter (Males) $99.00

Cats: Spay (Females) $99.00; Neuter (Males) $79.00

*Pricing is subject to change based on vet clinic's current rate. Additional fees may be incurred if there are any unforeseen complications or (for females) if they're in heat or currently pregnant. In heat females will have an extra charge of $35 that is the owner's responsibility to pay. No financial assistance is applied to additional charges for being in heat. It is requested that in heat females be scheduled 2 weeks after the end of their heat cycle. ONCE YOU MAKE YOUR PAYMENT TO US, ANY CANCELLED APPOINTMENTS THAT ARE NOT RESCHEDULED, MISSED OR FORFEITED APPOINTMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND YOUR PAYMENT IS CONSIDERED A DONATION.*

If you think you may qualify for additional financial assistance, please fill out the Financial Assistance Applications for Pet Owners on our Forms page. The following veterinarians also offer affordable procedure/veterinary service without going through us to purchase: Fulton Veterinary Clinic at 662-862-2943, Fayette Vet Clinic at 205-932-4545,  Tupelo Lee Humane Society. 

*I would strongly suggest calling Alabama Spay Neuter for their current pricing and appointment availability. At one point their pricing was $20 and included rabies vaccines. They will meet you in Jasper, AL to pick up your pet to/from their appointment. For more information on this, you will need to call them at (205) 956-0012 or email*

By clicking the Proceed to Complete Spay/Neuter Form below you are acknowledging that you have read and agreed to all of the above conditions and fees