My name is Calen Weston and I am a Detroit, AL resident and Hamilton High School alumni. In 2020, after having lived in Huntsville for almost 15 years, I moved back to Detroit to build a home on our family's land. I have two children, a full time Commercial Insurance Marketer position with Fountain, Parker, Harbarger & Assoc., LLC out of Huntsville, and a number of my own animals. Being a life-long animal lover, I started Hoof or Paw in April 2021 after rescuing a 2.4 lb Hereford piglet (Billy Ray) from death from a local farm. Billy Ray had been unable to join his litter due to a broken leg and dislocated shoulder blade, combined with being a runt about 1/2 the size of his littermates. These were injuries he had either been born with or sustained shortly after birth. After numerous vet visits, splints and casts, bottle feedings and baths, caring for him and getting him back to health really brought to my attention the lack of helpful resources for animals in need in our area, so the wheels in my brain began turning.

I developed this Non-Profit to serve Marion County, Alabama, and it's stray, unwanted pet population. The main thing we see come in are dogs and cats, however I also wanted to be able to accept cattle and other livestock, along with horses and other equines. There is a much higher supply than demand for adoptive animals in our areas so transporting and transferring out to other No-Kill facilities is something I knew we'd have to do to be successful. So far, my dream is living and it just takes the wonderful volunteers we have along with generous donors and supporters to keep it going! Please feel free to email us with any questions, comments or suggestions. The animals of HoP and I send our sincerest thank yous for making this possible!

Billy Ray

February 2021, two days after his first cast

Billy Ray

July 2021, Billy Ray takes Marshmallow (a rescue kitten at the time) for an afternoon stroll.