Discount Veterinary Service and Procedure Certificates

Please note that certificates are currently only valid at Fulton Veterinary Clinic in Fulton, MS or the Tupelo Lee Humane Society in Tupelo, MS and you MUST be a resident of Marion County, Alabama, in order to purchase a Certificate or apply for financial assistance. If you are NOT a Marion County, AL resident, see the Tupelo Lee Humane Society's information or Pet Wellness Center that is also in Tupelo, MS. CERTIFICATES PURCHASED ARE CONSIDERED A DONATION AND ARE NONREFUNDABLE.

Once we receive your payment for the selected location and service(s) requested, you will receive your Certificate in an email. The Certificate will contain instructions and details to set up and schedule the service, including contact information for the specified vet clinic's office.

Choose the location you would like your pet(s) to receive their care for purchased service(s) and/or procedure(s) below before proceeding.

Tupelo Lee Humane Society, Tupelo, MS